The Tolucan Times issue features an interview with Veronica Huston, eleven-year-old author of The Magic of Fairy Falls.
































The Coffee News introduces Veronica Huston, author of The Magic of Fairy Falls.





















The Tolucan Times interview with Veronica Huston, author or The Magic of Fairy Falls.

















Coffee News article featuring Veronica Huston, author of The Magic of Fairy Falls.










The Tolucan Times and Canyon Crier

Interview with Veronica Huston

By Carol Kaufman Segal

Veronica Huston is a young 12-year-old author from the Valley who recently graduated from Walter Reed Middle School in Toluca Lake. Her first self-published boook is entitled The Magic of Fairy Falls.

CKS: When did you write your book?

VH: Mainly when I was eleven but I started it in third grade.

CKS: How long did it take you to write?

VH: About two years.

CKS: What prompted you to write this book, and where did you get the idea?

VH: I got my idea when I was watching "King Kong," as weird as that may sound, and then at the preview, it just got me going and then through the whole movie I just got ideas.

CKS: Did anything other than "King Kong" give you some ideas for some of the things that occur in the book?

VH: I think just my imagination.

CKS: For what age group is your book of interest?

VH: From nine to fourteen.

CKS: Are you working on another book at this time?

VH: Yes, it's called The Hidden Labyrinth.

CKS: When did you begin writing that book?

VH: About six days after I graduated from sixth grade.

CKS: What are some of the kinds of books you enjoy?

VH: I enjoy fantasy, mystery, adventure, pretty much fiction.

CKS: Is the book your writing another fairy tale?

VH: Kind of, but it's a little darker than the other book.

CKS: Your book, "The Magic of Fairy Falls," did you have anything in mind when writing it to inspire other children?

VH: Yes, to inspire them to write and read.

CKS: And the book you're now writing, will it be similar?

VH: It's a different character, it's pretty much a whole different setting though, but sort of the same feel.

CKS: I understand that you have done a lot of traveling. Does some of the traveling give you ideas and inspirations?

VH: Yes, lilke when we visited Montana, it kind of gave me an inspiration to have it in a wide open place and with a lot of forests and a waterfall.

CKS: How can the public get your book?

VH: It's available at, my website,, and at a few stores.

The Coffee News

Everybody's Talking

There is a new author in town. Eleven-year-old Veronica Huston has written her first novel, The Magic of Fairy Falls. From an avid reader to an astonishing writer, Veronica has always specialized in fantasy and mystery. "It gives you more freedom, you can make up anything you want," she comments.

Veronica got the inspiration for The Magic of Fairy Falls the Christmas of 2005, strangely enough while watching King Kong. "I get most of my inspiration from movies, books, pictures, songs, dreams, and life in general," Veronica admits.

The Magic of Fairy Falls was finished in May 2008. It took nearly two years to write!

This enticing story is about a boy named Danny, who unwillingly goes to Fairy Falls for the summer with his parents. Before the train leaves, Danny's dad presents him with a locket. It turns out that both the present and the location have an ancient secret, older than time. That summer changes Danny forever. This story is exciting and never ceases to surprise you.

"This book is an amazing adventure, seen through the eyes of a kid, not what an adult thinks a kid sees," remarked novelist Jaron Summers.

A lifelong resident of Sherman Oaks, Veronica will be attending the Individualized Honors Program at Walter Reed Middle School in September. Veronica likes to draw, write, and read in her spare time, and has written many short stories and poems.

She has always dreamed of becoming an author.

"It really means a lot to me that my dream has finally come true. My dad always said he would get my book published if I would finish it, but I never really believed him. But here my book is," Veronica grins.

Her book is now available on her website,

She has also recorded an audio-book version for Blue Kiss Media.

And her next three books are already underway...